Largest LEGO Warship

Fisherman Jim McDonough spent 3-years building a 24-foot scale model of the 890-foot USS Missouri using thousands of LEGO bricks at his home in Redford, near Arbroath. When he started the project in his garage, his research told him it was going to be the biggest LEGO ship in the world, but his effort was in vain after Minneapolis-based enthusiast Dan Siskind created a 25.5-foot long version of the USS Missouri. Continue reading for a video of Siskind’s model and more information.

LEGO Warship

“Mr Siskind used more than one million Lego bricks to recreate the 1:35 scale of the USS Missouri. Mr. McDonough prides himself on not gluing them together – which he regards as ‘cheating’. The 51-year-old has a garage crammed with a flotilla of Lego battleships, aircraft carriers, planes, fishing vessels and landing craft. His 1:40 scale model of the USS Missouri is moored beside the USS Arizona, sunk at Pearl Harbour, and a Japanese carrier with lines of Zero fighters,” reports Mail Online.