Fitness Boxing Nintendo Switch Exercise

Nintendo Switch owners looking to improve their health might want to pick up Fitness Boxing, which basically turns the console into an exercise machine. Simply put, players punch, jab, and swing to the beat of a song to gain points, and the workouts can be fully customized to your liking. That’s right, you can modify the speed, muscles worked, length of the session, and lots more. You can also change the on-screen trainer’s appearance with unlockable accessories that can be earned with more play. Read more for 10-mintues of gameplay footage and additional information.

Want to workout with a partner? There’s two player support, and each can use either one Joy-Con or a pair. There are two modes to choose when enjoying the game with someone else: simultaneous training and versus. In the latter, players throw punches at each other and dodge them.

“Fitness Boxing also has an in-game calendar to keep track over when and how players worked out. The game and trailer clearly elicit the vibe of previous generations of fitness-focused video games. From its rhythm focused gameplay to the simple and clean aesthetic, Fitness Boxing looks like a game from 2008,” reports Dual Shockers.