Just bought a next-gen system? Then why not make good use of your old PS2 by turning it into a bowling ball. Find that and more in this intersting list. Which ones are your favorites?

PS2 Sphere

How about turning your old PS2 into a bowling ball-shaped console? That’s exactly what this modder did.

I really like the aesthetic and the pics on the site that show exactly how a PS2 actually fits into the sphere are amazing. The best part of this was that Sony actually sponsored the mod, as it was done as part of a PS2 modding contest in Ireland


PalmPS2 – Portable PlayStation 2

Now here’s a custom gaming system that wasn’t created by Ben Heck — credit goes to Brian Gardiner. The PalmPS2 features a 5-inch LCD display, built-in DVD drive, a memory card slot, and stereo speakers. More pictures here.

I tried to use as many parts from the PS2 as possible. Springs, buttons etc. I even used the “PS” logo from the front of the PS2 casec. It made sense to make an external pack to keep the weight down


PS2 Toaster

Created by Ryou-chan, this functional PlayStation 2 toaster is great for playing games, but not making toast.

Upon removing the ps2 from its case, we discovered that we would have to use a 4-slice toaster. Oh, and if I remember correctly, we had to saw off some little parts of the ps2’s case that couldn’t be unscrewed. The whole project was done in an afternoon, and it was easier than I thought it would be. The playstation works as well as it ever did. As far as I know, the only possible risk is the toaster becoming magnetized and screwing up the electronics


PS2 Linux Cluster

This Playstation 2 Linux cluster consists of 65 compute nodes, 1 prototype node (software installation tests), and 4 user login/development nodes. Based on an earlier version of Red Hat Linux, this distrubution uses Linux 2.2.1 ported over to the PS2’s Emotion Engine CPU. Click here for a full-sized version.

“All the nodes run the Sony Linux distribution for PlayStation 2. The compute nodes fill a 24-inch rack; 5 shelves at 13 per shelf;”



This UMPC-sized PS2 features just about everything you need to play all your favorites on the go.

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