Flatcat Robot
H/T: Gizmodo
Created by the Jetpack Cognition Lab, the Flatcat just might be the strangest robot you’ll see in 2021. Simply put, it’s a pet-like robot that reacts to touch, and not too much else. The company says that you can cuddle, play around with it, or just observe Flatcat doing weird things on its own accord. It basically consists of a flexible core that just contracts for locomotion that slowly inches its way across the floor. Read more for a video and additional information.

Jetpack Cognition Lab’s are currently developing even more pet-like robots that are inspired by nature and interact with the world around them. Flatcat is just their first creation and aims to be a lovable creature that reacts to your touch and independently plays around with gravity. There’s no word yet on pricing or availability.

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We see it as our mission to revolutionize robots for people. Away from programmed machines and towards curious and sensible beings who act according to their own intentions. Robots for everyone at home, robots for you,” said the company.

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