Floating Villa

BMT Asia Pacific has unveiled SeaScape, floating villas that can be equipped with either a sun deck or a covered pool, making them as large as 1,800-square-feet in size. Don’t need that much space? There are also 700 square-foot units available that still have an open room design with for unobstructed views of the surrounding sea. However, what you may be most interested in is the underwater bedroom, in which residents can walk down a set of spiral steps into a clear acrylic cylinder and sleep among the fishes. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Floating Villa Underwater Room

“While we haven’t specifically focused on green features in the design a number of them are intrinsic to a waterside location – improved natural ventilation from sea breezes, temperature moderation through the hull from seawater. However developers/owners have the opportunity to install solar panels etc to supplement the small genset [diesel and electric generator] and as the roof area increases this may become a significant contribution to the total power load,” says a BMT Asia Pacific representative.