Empulse TT Electric Motorcycle

Victory Motorcycle’s Empulse TT is basically a street legal, electric super bike that is built on the same platform that set an American lap-speed record at the Isle of Man. This motorbike quickly accelerates up to 100MPH+ and the battery is not only good for 140-miles on a single charge, but recharging it fully only takes 3.5-hours. Other features include: sport-tuned inverted front forks, dual Radial Mount Brembo brakes, adjustable suspension engineered to provide track-level performance, and an advanced regenerative braking system. Pricing starts at $19,999 and could go up depending on options. Click here to view the first image in this week’s geek life gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a cyclist who decided to move a car with his bare hands out of the bike path.