Rio de Prata Ecological Preserve Flooding

Photo credit: YY in Brazil

Brazil was recently hit with heavy rains and flooding, which caused the Rio da Prata and Olho D’Agua rivers to overflow into the surrounding rainforest. This created an underwater fantasyland at the Rio da Prata Ecological Preserve, complete with crystal clear water. A park guide said that this phenomenon is quite rare and that water levels returned to normal by the end of the day. Continue reading for a video showing how the preserve looks on a normal day and more information.

The Rio de Prata Ecological Preserve covers 21,050 acres in the municipality of Aripuana, Mato Grosso, east of the Roosevelt River. The area is on the right bank of the Flor do Prado River, a tributary of the Roosevelt River, and is bordered by indigenous territories. It’s in the Amazon biome, with just over 66% open rainforest and about 34% dense rainforest.

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