Snake Tree House

Why bother building a normal tree house, when you can just stay in one of the Snake Tree Houses Luis at the Pedras Salgadas Park. Propped high on stilts, each home features a single bathroom, kitchen, double bed and sofa. The structure blends in with nature thanks to the slate and wood coverings. Sustainability and environmental impact were taken into account as well, with its reinforced insulation, low-energy lighting, along with solar panels. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Snake Tree Houses Portugal

“To minimize impact, the modular treehouses were prefabricated and then assembled on site. In accordance with the overall sustainability plan, the accommodations have minimal impact on the surrounding eco system. Natural materials and lots of daylight further the experience and help immerse the guests in the forest. Each treehouse has a bedroom with a writing desk, a bathroom, and a kitchenette,” according to Inhabitat.

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