Why hire security guards, when you could just put GuardBot to work? This amphibious surveillance robot can traverse through mud, sand and snow without getting stuck. Not just limited to security applications, the company states that it can also accompany special operations teams in conflict zones and perform dangerous tasks, such as carrying explosives to an enemy location. It weighs a mere 55-pounds, complete with cameras on board that enable a remote driver to see where they’re headed, and runs on a rechargeable battery, good for about 16-hours of continuous use. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Its cameras give it a 360-degree field of vision, while it can carry cargo weighing up to 4.4lbs (two kilograms). The design was originally intended to be used for a space planetary mission on Mars – but has since been repurposed for use on Earth. Amazingly, the whole design is also scalable. A GuardBot could be made as small as four inches (10cm) across, and as large as nine feet (2.7 metres),” reports The Daily Mail.

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