Fortnite Earthquake

Fortnite island has been rocked by earthquakes that have created large cracks in the ground, and if you want to see the next one in person, simply visit this site. Currently, you’ll find these cracks Lazy Links region, and is a buildup to season 8, which kicks off in under two weeks. However, a fourth crack hasjust appeared between Tomato Temple, Wailing Woods, and the area often called the containers. In the past, the island has experienced temporal rifts, floating islands, and even an entire Arctic region, but this phenomenon resembles Fortnite’s rolling cube. Read more for another video and additional information.

“Season 8 of Fortnite comes at an interesting time for the battle royale game. While Epic’s game remains immensely popular, it has received some significant competition of late from Respawn’s sci-fi shooter Apex Legends, which racked up 25 million players in a week and regularly tops Twitch. Meanwhile, BioWare’s Anthem is similarly looking to use major environmental events as a major part of its storytelling,” according to The Verge.