Fortnite Beach Ball

Epic Games announced today that the developers behind “Fortnite” have gone on vacation (June 24 – July 8), but they won’t leave players hanging, as a “14 Days of Summer” event has kicked off (June 25 to July 9). Each day, the game’s free-to-play Battle Royale mode will offer a weapon unvaulted for 24 hours, a new Limited Time Mode (LTM) to play, a daily challenge, free reward, a new featured island and new outfits in the item shop. For the second day, there are two challenges now live, with the first involves dancing at six beach parties (video above), and the second to bounce a giant beach ball in five different matches. Read more for another video about the beach ball matches.

“The reward for completing the first 14 Days of Summer challenge is the new Deep End dance emote, which has you doing Fortnite’s take on the famous ‘C’mon and Swim’ dance, while the second will unlock an uncommon rarity loading screen called Soak It Up. Despite the event’s name, you’ll actually have 21 days to complete the 14 Days of Summer challenges, giving you plenty of time to finish everything,” reports GameSpot.

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