Fortnite Ice Storm

Epic Games’ Fortnite Ice Storm event has kicked off, and it all began with a mysterious orb that recently appeared above Polar Peak. That orb has now opened, and the Ice King has emerged, blanketing the island with an Ice Storm, which has frozen it over. Strange zombie-like creatures called Ice Fiends have also appeared. This means new enemies and fresh challenges for players, with each offering 500 experience points for completion. If you complete six Ice Storm challenges, players receive a black and ice blue wrap. For those finish all 13 challenges, there’s a Winter’s Thorn Glider reward. Read more for a livestream of a professional gamer tackling this new event.

“Today’s event is reminiscent of the strange mystery that surrounded Fortnite’s giant purple cube, which was initially birthed from a lightning storm in August. It then proceeded to roll around the map, changing things as it went, and by the time Halloween rolled around fragments of the cube had spawned murderous monsters, introducing the first PvE element to the battle royale mode. Things capped off with the cube disappearing in a dramatic, one-time-only event in November,” according to The Verge.

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