Full Motion Flight Simulator VR
Photo credit: X-Sim
This most certainly isn’t the first homemade full-motion flight simulator we’ve featured, but definitely the first that incorporates a virtual reality headset. To be more specific, it was designed for carrier launches and light aerobatics, complete with DOF 360° movement and Valve Index VR. Read more for a video showing this beast in-action.

Positive g-forces are simulated using a belt tensioner with 80kg force, while the acceleration of a maximum 0.9 Gs is simulated by pitch up. When combined with the Valve Index VR Headset the entire simulator feels like you’re actually flying a fighter jet.

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The main goal is to reach a perfect Situation Awarness (SA) for mill. Missions. E.g. if you are doing Bombruns, Night OPs, Dogfights or Aerobatics it´s very easy to get disorientated. In a real Airplane you have many little helps to stay orientated (and sometime to get disorientated also). In a PC-Simulation you don´t have these helps, but i want to have them,” said its creator.