Futuristic Smart Home 1989
Many have seen homes of the future, but very few have accurately predicted the technology of today, except for this clip from a This Old House episode from 1989. Host Steve Thomas visited a futuristic home in Massachusetts that gives viewers a realistic look at how a voice assistant could work in the future, along with a flat screen TV that looks to be straight from the mid-2000s. The latter comes with stereo speakers on each side of the screen and cords concealed from view.

Technical Specialist Dennis Arseneau demonstrates the smart home’s voice assistant capabilities, including dimming the lights, playing music, and closing the shades. Sure, the voice may sound like Amazon Alexa or Apple’s Siri, but this technology was light years ahead of anything available on the market at that time. For those who want to watch the entire segment, it’s from “This Old House” Season 11 Episode 16 “The Concord House Part 16”, which oiginally aired June 1st, 1989.

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