Galac Tac Project Mandalorian Armor
First seen a couple of years ago, AR500 Armor partnered with Heckler & Koch, TEA Headsets, Sog Knives & Tools, Armasight, SureFire, Wilcox Industries Corp, and Team Wendy to create a line of ballistic armor inspired by the Mandalorian bounty hunters from Star Wars. If you’re not familiar with these bounty hunters, the armor is a unifying symbol of the clans that allow them to identify easily as fearsome warriors while being customizable enough to tell who is who. Read more for a video and additional information.

The Galac-Tac Project has armor designed by Ryan B. Flowers, an artist known for creating Airsoft-friendly Mandalorian armor, that features custom AR500 ballistic plates as well as other top-of-the-line tactical pieces. Unfortunately, the armor and helmet set will set you back a cool $650 without all of the cool customizations.