8-Foot-Tall Lord of the Rings

The Tower of Orthanc was the daunting fortress that became Saruman’s powerful base as he ruled over Isengard with an uncompromising iron fist, but now Brenden McMahon, has managed to recreate it with LEGO. Standing a whopping 8-feet-tall, it features nine individual floors, a torture chamber, library and even lights. The tower won “Best Mega Creation Award” at Brickworld Chicago, a popular convention for brick enthusiasts. Continue reading for two videos that show it in detail.

“You’ll need a ladder to fully see everything in Brenden McMahon’s LEGO version of Saruman’s tower, a.k.a. the Tower of Orthanc, from The Lord of the Rings. The official 2359-piece version isn’t small either, but this one makes it look like a holiday cottage,” says Kotaku.