Cat Hunt Meal Machine

Geek and cat lover Ben Millam decided to make things interesting around the house. So, he built an Arduino-powered machine that dispenses food when a ball is dropped into the chute. His cat, Monkey, basically runs around the house, hunting for a ball, and once found, he brings it over to the funnel. “It’s partly to establish and survey their territory, but they’re also practicing ‘mobile’ hunting: moving about, being curious, and poking their noses around in the hopes of upsetting potential prey and finding a meal. So what if my cat, while out on patrol, actually found its prey? Surely this would bring him one step closer towards a more fulfilled and self-actualized indoor kitty existence,” said Millam. In related news, continue reading for a viral video of 10 awesome cat facts.

Did you know that a cat’s purr may be a form of self-healing? That’s right, it can be a sign of nervousness as well as contentment. Similarly, the frequency of a domestic cat’s purr is the same at which muscles and bones repair themselves. Adult cats only meow to communicate with humans.