Best Lightsaber Replica

Photo credit: Todd Johnson via Laughing Squid

Todd Johnson, better known as “Darth Alice” online, is a Waterford, Michigan-based metal artist that specializes in making extremely bright lightsaber replicas, starting with this Redeemer LED Lightsaber from Saberforge. Some of the modifications include: a “precision fit Delrin chassis for more center section strength, an Igniter R5 board with Maxamp (capable of 16 font banks and 32 colors with dual-phase), a custom speaker holder, and much more.” While it won’t be slicing through anything in the near future, it’s definitely a conversation piece nonetheless, even more so come the Force Awakens premier. Continue reading to see another one of his custom Redeemer lightsabers.

This is a newer Saberforge Redeemer that I did a few mods to including a full precision fit Delrin chassis, custom speaker holder, and full Igniter R5 and Z6, 18 watt main LED both from Naigon’s Electronic corporation.

The battery is an 18650 AW with a 5.8 Amp max draw rate to match the main LED’s power consumption.