Steve Sammartino, a geek living in Melbourne, Australia asked investors to fork over $500-$1,000 dollars for a new startup last February. A grand total of forty people responded, and the very next thing he did was buy over half a million LEGO pieces and ship them to…his 20-year-old partner, Raul Oaida, in Romania. He transformed the pieces into four working Lego-constructed engines, containing a total of 256 Lego pistons, all of which run on compressed air as fuel. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Dvice reports that “the rest of the car, except for the wheels and a few other load-bearing components, is also made of Legos. Resembling a classic hot rod, the car doesn’t exactly burn rubber off the starting line, but it can top out at an impressive 20 miles per hour. That’s pretty impressive for children’s building blocks.”