Rich Lee, a geek from Nevada, is self-proclaimed ‘bodyhacker’, a person who experiments with surgical implants. He surgically “embedded small magnets into his tragus – a small piece of cartilage just outside the ear – and built a coil to be worn around his neck; he claims that this creates a magnetic field that causes the implant to vibrate and make a sound. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The implant procedure itself went very smoothly and the pain was surprisingly minimal. He went on to explain that he had numerous plans for the use of the device. He hopes to hook it up to the GPS on his phone so that it can give him directions as he is walking around.

He also intends to connect it to a directional microphone in a shirt button so that he can hear conversations across a room. Mr Lee also plans to link the implants up to an ultrasonic rangefinder so that it hums when he gets closer to an object.


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