LEGO Tomislav

Building LEGO sets is one thing, YouTube user “ZaziNombies” takes the bricks and builds life-sized video game weapons with them, like the Team Fortress 2 Tomislavy above. “Weighing in at over 10 pounds, and 3 feet long, we bring the Heavy’s Tomislav to life entirely from LEGO bricks. Complete with its oversized drum magazine, and custom wooden furniture, here is the gun’s real life, and oh so heavy, replica,” said its builder. Continue reading for more.

5. Black Box (Team Fortress 2)

Weighing in at over 20 pounds and 4,500+ bricks, we build a LEGO Black Box rocket launcher from Team Fortress 2! Complete with a “wood-grain” handle and firing rubber projectiles, our biggest and baddest addition to our TF2 arsenal yet!

4. Red Death (Destiny)

We add an exotic pulse rifle to our arsenal; Destiny’s Red Death built entirely from LEGO bricks! Measuring over 36 inches long, complete with a reloadable magazine and spike-studded sides, here is the ominous looking gun’s blocky real life replica!

3. Phantom Blade (Assassin’s Creed Unity)

Complete with a spring-loaded dart firing mechanism, we bring the Phantom Blade to life with 350+ LEGO bricks! Appearing in Assassin’s Creed Unity as a long-ranged version of the hidden blade, here is its blocky real life replica!

2. Nightingale Blade (Skyrim)

An adventure into an ice-covered spruce forest where we bring Skyrim’s Nightingale blade to life with LEGO bricks! Measuring over 35 inches long, complete with “carved” detail on the hilt, here is the unique sword’s blocky real life replica!

1. Bal-27 (Advanced Warfare)

We build a replica Bal-27 assault rifle entirely from LEGO bricks! Straight out of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s futuristic arsenal, complete with a top-loading magazine with gold ring “bullet” accents, here is the rifle brought to life!