R2-D2 Trashcan

The R2-D2 trash can from ThinkGeek just might be the droid you’re looking for. Imported from Japan, this incredibly detailed astromech replica functions simply by stepping on R2’s center “foot”. The dome swings wide open and is ready to collect whatever you decide to throw in it. This is an officially licensed Lucasfilm collectible, and has a removable interior can with handle that makes trash removal easy. Should it somehow get knocked down the stairs or into the street, the durable vinyl construction will ensure it stays in one piece. Product page. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“In fact here at the rebel base we’ve been generating extra waste just for the pleasure of disposing it inside our favorite droid. Everything was going great until we emptied the trash and accidentally discarded some Death Star plans… then the Rebel Massassi Outpost on the fourth moon of Yavin got destroyed and things just went downhill from there,” reports ThinkGeek. More information.

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