General Motors Cruise Automation Origin Driverless Car
General Motors subsidiary Cruise Automation debuted its first vehicle specifically designed to operate without a driver on board. This driverless, electric shuttle is called Origin and does not have manual controls such as pedals or even a steering wheel. Simply put, it’s essentially a curved b box with split sliding doors similar to those on a subway train with all the sensors used to navigate located up top.

Inside, the front and rear seats facing each other, with a large empty space in-between that can be used to accommodate a table or any equipment / luggage. You’ll find cargo space behind the seats, while everything inside is made of durable plastics and vinyls for easy maintenance. There’s no information about the powertrain, but it does use a modular system for its sensor hardware so that they can be upgraded independent of the car itself.

It is self-driven. It is all electric. It is shared. It is a production vehicle,” said Cruise CEO Dan Ammann.

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