Genovation GXE Fastest Electric Car
Only 75 Genovation GXE vehicles exist in the world, and the company has just used one of them to set a new speed record. The automaker returned to the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing facility and managed to hit 210.2 mph with their Corvette-based, all-electric supercar. It’s powered by a 60-kWh battery pack good for about 130 miles of range with a twin-motor powertrain that generates 800+ horsepower and 700+ pound-feet of torque, complete with a near perfect 50:50 weight distribution. Read more for a video of the record-setting run and additional information.

This “aerodynamics test” was supervised by the International Mile Racing Association, and the vehicle was driven by Johnny Bohmer who broke Genovation’s previous record of 209 mph. Unlike the Tesla, or any other electric vehicle, you were able to equip the GXE with either a dual-clutch 8-speed transmission with paddle shifters, or a 7-speed manual, which is a rarity in the EV world.


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