Get Bracelet Bone Conduction Finger Phone
Photo credit: Daily Mail
This may not be the first gadget to use bone conduction technology, but the “Get” bracelet is one of the first we’ve seen that turns your index finger into a phone of sorts. At $250, this smart bracelet connects to your smartphone and turns the sound from your device into vibrations before conducting it into the fingers. After the pairing is completed, just place a finger in your ear to talk on the phone, and make outgoing calls by using the bracelet’s voice recognition technology. Read more for a video and additional information.

Since it only uses vibrations instead of sound, people nearby cannot eavesdrop on conversations. That’s right, it has no buttons or screen, but uses your voice as well as hand gestures to control its features. Phone calls aren’t the only thing it’s good for, as it also records heartbeat, calories burned and the wrist-strap can even be used for contactless payment.

“We have been studying and testing bone conduction technology since 2015 and the limits our competitors’ products have. All the gestures to control the bracelet are easily customisable and Deed’s gesture technology has an open API, so that Get can be used with other devices. Get does not require touch-displays or buttons, so others cannot hear or see contents,” said Emiliano Parini, co-founder of the company.


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