Roman Mosaics Turkey

Archeologists, led by Professor Kutalmış Gorkay of Ankara University, recently unearthed three giant ancient Roman mosaics in the Turkish city of Zeugma, near the border of Syria. This project was spurred on by flooding in the area, and despite part of the city now being submerged underwater, excavations continue in the hopes of uncovering more historical artifacts. Continue reading for more images and information.

Greek Mosaics Turkey

My Modern Met says, “According to G�rkay, the colorful mosaics were integral parts of homes millennia ago. Depicting various mythological figures such as gods, goddesses, and ancient heroes, the mosaics were installed in a room so that guests could admire them while chatting and drinking. Subject matter was carefully selected according to the function of a room – for example, a bedroom might feature a mosaic that portrayed lovers such as Eros and Telete. Mosaics also reflected the homeowner’s tastes and intellectual interests. ‘They were a product of the patron�s imagination. It wasn�t like simply choosing from a catalog,'”

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