While it may sound like the setting for an upcoming horror film, these amazing (yet real) photos show the astonishing result of a giant snake as it slithered slowly away with a crocodile filling its body. Tiffany Corlis, a Lake Moondarra, Queensland resident, saw a python heading towards the freshwater crocodile on the edge of Lake Moondarra, some 12 miles north east of Mount Isa. Continue reading for the video and more information.

According to The Daily Mail, “With lightning speed it suddenly wrapped itself around the crocodile and put it in a death squeeze. No matter how much the crocodile struggled, it had no hope of freeing itself from the snake’s powerful body. It wasn’t long before life was squeezed out of the croc. That seemingly impossible task took a little more time but eventually the entire crocodile disappeared through the python’s mouth. Then, twice its normal size, the snake slowly made its way into the nearby swamp bushes to digest its hearty meal.”