Google DeepMind Technologies AI

Google’s DeepMind Technologies artificial intelligence tested its algorithms on a high school Math test, but things didn’t go quite as planned. It trained a neural network on the Math curriculum of a 16-year-old UK student, which included Algebra, Arithmetic, Calculus, Comparisons, Measurement, Numbers, Manipulating Polynomials, and Probability. The AI tried answering 40 questions using different algorithms, but could only solve around 35% of them. Read more for another video on DeepMind and additional information.

“Yes, one model did slightly better than others, but on most occasions, they failed to translate the questions, complete with words, symbols, numbers, and functions, into actual operations for getting the results. They’d not just have to be trained to make sense of a problem, with all the numbers, variables, arithmetic operators, and words, but also to plan an operation and apply the knowledge of rules, transformations, and processes to get the result,” reports NewsBytes.


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