Google Gesture Control

Google has received FCC approval for its experimental, gesture-controlled watch at higher power levels, and this means that the technology is one step closer to being effectively touchless. The original project was introduced in 2015, but Google’s Project Soli was unable to effectively progress after 2016 due to Federal Communication Commission power restrictions. The watch prototype uses a radar to detect hand movements, like tapping your index finger against your thumb or opening all your fingers simultaneously, and then processes this information to control various features. Read more for another video and additional information.

The FCC determined that such project could ultimately serve the public without causing harm; therefore, the problems that Google had with the watch not recognizing all gestures due to low power should soon be resolved. The most practical application for the technology is use in future smartwatches and / or smartphones. This would increse accessibiliy for those with mobility ot tactility impairments, and Google imagines the tech will be integrated not only into wearables, but also into “phones, computers, cars, and IoT devices in our environment.”


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