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Programmer Dvorak Dwarf has discovered a method to use YouTube videos as Google cloud storage and it basically works by encoding binary files into them. Technically speaking, all files are made of bytes, which can be interpreted as numbers ranging from 0-255. This number can then be represented with pixels using one of two modes: RGB or binary.

In RGB, every single byte fits inside one of the colors of an RGB pixel. One RGB pixel can store up to 3 bytes at a time, so you simply keep adding pixels until you run out of data. However, RGB mode is very sensitive to compression as even changing a single color of one of the pixels leads to file corruption. Black and white pixels are a lot harder to corrupt, as each pixel is either a 1 (white) or 0 (dark). String these bits together to get bytes and continue until you run out of data. More information here.

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To make it easier on the user, we also include all the relevant settings used to create the video on the first frame of the video. This allows the program to know what mode the video is in and what size to use in order to avoid making the user remember,” said Dvorak Dwarf.


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