GoPro cameras are known for their ruggedness, but most people don’t just throw one out of a plane. Mia Munselle discovered a mud-covered GoPro camera in her farm’s pig pen, and did what any other curious person would do: watched the footage on it. Apparently, the GoPro had been lying there for eight months, after falling hundreds of feet from a skydiving plane and miraculously surviving the journey. The video starts inside a plane, mid-flight, where we see a couple of skydivers about to jump, before the camera suddenly falls out. Continue reading to watch.

According to the, “This isn’t a video for those with vertigo � the following footage will make you dizzy and totally confused about which way is up. From about 0.28 it starts to slow, and at 0.42, it hits the ground with a thud.Within seconds, over trot Mia’s hungry pigs, who start sniffing and snuffling the camera.”