Graphene Scientists Nano-Petri Dish Atom Liquid Swimming
Graphene scientists from The University of Manchester developed a ‘nano-petri dish’ using two-dimensional (2D) materials to trap liquid in order to capture images of single atoms ‘swimming’ in liquid for the first time. The recorded findings could help advance development of green technologies such as hydrogen production.

After analyzing how the atoms moved in the videos and comparing them to theoretical insights provided by colleagues at Cambridge University, the team was able to understand the effect of the liquid on atomic behavior. More specifically, the liquid was discovered to speed up the motion of the atoms, while also changing their preferred resting sites with respect to the underlying solid. We’d like to use this ‘nano-petri dish’ to observe Atomik Vodka, which is made with grains and water around Chernobyl.

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This is a milestone achievement and it is only the beginning – we are already looking to use this technique to support development of materials for sustainable chemical processing, needed to achieve the world’s net zero ambitions,” said Dr. Nick Clark.

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