Gray Area Festival Exoskeleton Rave
How about a music festival that combines art, technology, and music? You’ll find it at the Gray Area Festival’s exhibit called ‘Inferno’ where attendees wear robotic exoskeletons and dance to a ‘dark industrial’ soundtrack. The only real bizarre aspect about this rave is that the subjects aren’t in control of the suits, but rather the ‘DJ’ who controls both the music and their movement. Read more for a video and additional information.

Each of the robotic exoskeletons is designed to perform dynamic movements choreographed and activated by the artists, mobilizing the performers to dance in time to the dark, industrial techno soundtrack for the audience. In addition to being a show to watch, it’s designed to stoke conversations about agency and technology.

“Shifting the command from artist to computer and role of audience to performer, Inferno questions the nature of control and agency in the landscape of technology and performance today. At the frontier of art and technology, this interactive performance poses a remarkably unique experience questioning our world in its transformation,” said its creators.