Zaq Landsberg is an artist from New York who just happened to stumble upon a 4-acre piece of uninhabited land in a remote Utah desert on Ebay. So, he snagged it up for just $610, and on his first visit to the site, he installed a red-and-yellow flag bang in the middle for future identification. That is how “Zaqistan” was born. Landsberg visits the soverign nation a few times every year, creating artistic monuments, such as robot sentries, on each visit. Other landmarks include a border patrol station, victory arch, a bed of plastic wildflowers, and even a geodesic dome. Revenue comes from the realistic-looking passports he sells on his website for $40 a piece. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“It’s pretty harsh. Incredibly hot during the day, cold at night, with gale force winds that come in occasionally. I’ve grown to like it, but it’s about as far away as you can get. My ultimate goal is for Zaqistan to one day become a legitimate country,” said Landserberg.

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