First Electric Ferrari

Eric Hutchinson, a Ferrari enthusiast from California spent $10,000 on a salvaged 308 destroyed by an engine fire, a common issue that plagued this model throughout its life cycle. After partnering with EV West, Hutchinson created a new electric drivetrain around three electric motors arranged in a V configuration, linked via belts and pulleys. This V configuration enables the motors to fit perfectly in the 308’s engine bay, which was once home to a carbureted V8 engine. Continue reading for more videos and information.

“The motors spin the rear wheels via a manual transmission borrowed from the Porsche parts bin; we can hear you scoffing from here, Ferrari purists. The 308 is equipped with no less than 48 3.3-volt lithium-ion batteries arranged in packs, and it boasts a total driving range of approximately 80 miles,” reports Digital Trends.

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