Spider-Sense Technology Spider-Man LiDAR
Sure, we’ve seen homemade web shooters and even wall climbers, but what about Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense? The Hacksmith decided to tackle this daunting technology with LiDAR, which is similar radar, but rather than transmitting sound waves to bounce off things, it sends a beam of light. For this project, they installed a LiDAR system inside a Spider-Man mask.

This mask houses the spider-sense circuitry on a flexible PCB, while the LiDAR sensors are located up on the sides and back of the user’s head whentransmit beams of light multiple times every second and send the data back to the microcontroller. A small microcontroller receives and processes the LiDAR data before sending a signal to vibration motors that correspond with the sensors on each side of the user’s head.

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