Halo Needler Replica

Limited to just 3,000-units worldwide, this Halo Needler Replica was modeled after its video game counterpart. This 1:1 replica of one of Halo’s most iconic weapons features LED lights, in-game sounds and over a dozen motorized crystal shards. When you squeeze the trigger, the crystal shards retract in sequence to simulate being fired. To reload, simply travel to the Sanghelios moon of Suban for extra crystals. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“NECA Toys worked with Microsoft and 343 Studios (formerly Bungie) to design its new replica using the same 3D models that were created for the countless iterations of the Halo video game. That means that this is as screen-accurate a Needler replica as you can buy right now,” reports Gizmodo.

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