Hardest Mario Maker Levels

Super Mario Maker is basically the end all for any fans of the famous plumber, as it lets you create and upload custom levels for the world to enjoy. You read that right, [layers may create and play their own custom levels based on Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U and share them online. Over time, new editing tools are unlocked, allowing players to download and play levels designed by other players. In addition to traditional Mario elements such as Goombas, warp pipes, and power ups, players are able to manipulate the behavior of various elements in unique ways. For example, they can stack enemies, have hazards come out of question blocks and warp pipes, use shells as protective helmets, and make cannons and Lakitu emit any chosen objects. These combinations are possible because editing tools in the game work in tandem with one another. This allows players to enlarge an enemy by giving it a mushroom, grant an enemy the ability to fly by giving it wings, combine different attributes, and more Continue reading to see some of the hardest custom levels to date.

5. Perfect Pixel

The Sound Frog adds audiovisual effects to particular locations, including microphone-recorded sounds, though user-generated sounds are removed from uploaded courses. Editing elements are introduced gradually, with new elements unlocking as the player spends more time creating levels.

4. Electric Head

The Mystery Mushroom, which can only be used in the Super Mario Bros. theme, dresses Mario in one of over 100 different costumes, with the same effects as a Super Mushroom. Each of these costumes can be unlocked by playing through the 100 Mario Challenge, clearing special event courses, or by scanning a corresponding Amiibo figurine.

3. 17 Completions

Once the user is able to play through one’s own newly created level, that level is then allowed to be published to the online Course World. There, all players can browse and play various user-generated courses, or participate in the 100 Mario Challenge, where they can play through a set of randomly selected user-created courses.

2. Pit of Pangea: P-Break

Alternatively, players can play the 10 Mario Challenge, which features pre-made courses included with the game. Players are initially limited in the amount of courses they can upload online, but by receiving stars from other players, they can earn medals which allow them to upload more courses.

1. U-Break

The increasingly rich online library of user-generated content has been individually showcased and praised by reviewers, and has been praised by Mario series co-creator Takashi Tezuka. He described Nintendo’s restraint in the gameplay difficulty of its own content, in the interest of mass appeal. He gave both appreciation and caution for the fact that the users do not necessarily share the same restraint in their creations.

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