Hatton Garden Heist

The Hatton Garden heist may sound like something straight from a movie (Ocean’s 11), but it’s a real robbery that happened in London. Approximately 72 safe deposit boxes were raided at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd in central London over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Inside the main vault, discarded safe deposit boxes, power tools, including an angle grinder and concrete drills, as well as crowbars, were discovered. Above, we see a 45cm (17.7in) wide hole made by a heavy duty drill in which the thieves used to enter the vault. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

Believe it or not, there are no sign of forced entry into the building, in which a number of businesses are based and share an entrance. Investigators believe that the thieves first disabled the communal lift on the second floor and then used the lift shaft to climb down into the basement where the safety deposit business was based. Next, they forced open the shutter doors into the basement and bored holes through the vault wall. So far, they’ve recorded, packaged and recovered around 400 exhibits, including items for DNA profiling, fingerprints and other evidence.

Hatton Garden Gem Heist