If you have never heard of a fairy tale dream-come-true, look no further than Laszlo Andraschek of Hungary. He used his last few coins to purchase a lottery ticket, just to see if he could actually stumble upon some luck. The jackpot was a whopping 600 million forint (US $2.70 million) at the time. Little did he know, the ticket would change his life from that day onwards. Continue reading for a news report and more information.

Here’s what Oddity Central has to say, “Andraschek’s life was in a miserable shape when he received his wake-up call in 1995. He was so drunk that he couldn’t go home on Mother’s Day – a tradition he had never missed. By the end of that month, he signed up to get treated for alcoholism. He slowly began to put his life back together. In 1999, he met Aniko – his future bride – through a social worker. It took Andraschek another 10 years to get sober and the couple could barely make ends meet. The night Andraschek bought the ticket, he was on his way to an alcoholics’ help center in Budapest.

‘I had only picked six numbers and the female shop assistant reminded me that I needed to pick a seventh,’ he told the media. ‘I told her to make it 24 – it doesn’t matter anyway.’ But it did matter, and how! That one number he picked out at random turned out to be a life-altering choice.