Homemade Invisibility Shield
In late 2019, Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. revealed their Quantum Stealth (Light Bending Material), otherwise known as the Invisibility Cloak, to the public. This technology is is paper-thin, inexpensive, and can hide a person, vehicle, ship, buildings and even spacecraft. They have developed thirteen versions of the material, which can be figured many number of ways. Now, one person has managed to recreate this material at home. Read more to see how well it works.

There’s nothing really high-tech about this invisibility shield, as it’s basically a clear sheet of lenticular lenses that bend the full spectrum of visible light. In one test, you can see that when the lens is oriented vertically, a pen become blurred to the point of invisibility. The plastic lenses refract the light as it passes through, and rather than continuing in a straight line, it’s slowed and redispersed at different angles, thus creating spots where the light no longer passes through.

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