How it Works Virgin Hyperloop Explained
If you wander into the desert just north of Las Vegas, a large metal tube may come into view, and this isn’t some ordinary construction project. This is where Virgin Hyperloop is developing a futuristic pod-based system that will be able to transport passengers at up to 750 mph using air-free vacuum tunnels with magnetic levitation. Put simply, it’s going to will feel like an aircraft at take-off and once you’re at speed.

There will not be any turbulence because the Virgin Hyperloop system counteracts it, similar to noise-canceling technology, but for bumps. The company will make use of off-white materials and a back mirror to make the pods seem larger and more inviting for passengers. Each pod will seat up to 28 passengers and can be fully customized for long or short trips as well as for freight.

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Hyperloop’s inclusion [in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act] shows that we’re on the precipice of a new era that will change the way we think about mobility in this country. I hope the House of Representatives will expeditiously pass this legislation so that these additional avenues for investment in hyperloop’s successful deployment in the U.S. can become law,” said Josh Giegel, CEO and Co-Founder of Virgin Hyperloop.


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