Liquid Ass

H/T: Next Shark

Liquid Ass is probably something you’ve seen, or at least heard about, online, but one thing you may not know is that the product was created by two engineers. The product was created years ago when engineer Alan Whitman was still in high school – his parents had given him a chemistry kit and he used the ingredients to invent a smell that had a whiff of “butt crack, kind of sewer smell, with a little hint of dead animal in there.” The gag wasn’t exactly useful until 10-years-ago, when he left his engineering job at a trucking company. So, he teamed up with another engineer, Andrew Masters, and “Liquid Assets” was born. Despite having financial responsibilities outside of their newly formed company, Whitman and Masters each pooled in $18,000 towards production and marketing. The rest is history, because now Whitman, who handles emails and orders, only works about an hour a day, while Masters does the rest. The two go into their manufacturing plant in North Carolina about a couple of times a month to do some bottling. Get some here now. Continue reading for more prank videos and information.

“Since its launch 10 years ago, the product has been a success. Though Wittman and Masters admit that they’re not millionaires, the men make more money than their managers did back in their engineering jobs. Most of their sales come from word of mouth and from pranksters on Youtube using their product,” reports Next Shark.