World's Most Dangerous Bridge Cars

Traversing across snow and river is tough enough, but imagine having to use a rickety bridge to along the way. Meet the Kuandinsky Bridge, in Russia’s Trans-Baikal Region. Spanning 570 meters over the Vitim River, this treacherous crossing is just over two meters wide and has absolutely no railing or other safety features to keep cars or people from falling into the frozen waters. Its decaying metallic structure has not been well maintained, but rather simply covered with old wooden railway sleepers that become slippery when frozen over with ice and snow. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Because it’s not officially a functioning vehicle bridge, almost no repairs have been done to it in three decades since it was built. Time and brutal weather conditions have taken a heavy toll on the wooden sleepers, and they often break under the weight of large cars, leaving holes that drivers themselves have to plug or cover with planks in order to cross,” according to Oddity Central.