Subwing Underwater Glider

We all know humans can’t swim like dolphins, but with the Subwing Honeycomb underwater glider, you can at least mimic the experience. This nifty gadget consists of two hydrodynamic wings, joined in the center with a steel-and-rubber swivel (for independent pivoting). Riders can hang on using rubber grips at the front of the wings, or by grasping a rubber grab loop in the rear. Attached to the top surface of both wings are heavy-duty Dyneema fiber ropes, which are joined with the user’s own tow rope. Continue reading for two videos and more information.

“Just tilt the wings in the direction you want to go and Subwing says you’ll get the hang of it with little or no training whatsoever. The Honeycomb’s ABS polymer shell promises plenty of durability, and the lightweight hollow design with honeycomb patterned core walls makes for a stiff, light and strong set of wings,” says Hi Consumption.

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