Wooden VW Beetle

Momir Bojic, who lives in Bosnia, is the epitome of dedication, as he’s spent countless hours hand-laying an intricate wooden skin made from 50,000 tiny little sculpted pieces of oak, on his Volkswagen Beetle. That’s right, rather than getting a new paint job, he decided to take a more natural approach. Just like a normal Beetle, it has a full wooden body, wooden steering wheel, hub caps, and dashboard. Continue reading for a video and more information.

There was probably one point at around the 9,000-piece point where Bojic thought, “Why stop at 9,000?” The rest is history, and of course he left the headlights, along with the taillights, alone for the most part, but we can’t blame him. When this vehicle shows up a local car shows, it’s always the star attraction.