Hummer Camaro Monster
What happens when a Hummer H1 meets a Chevy Camaro? This Monster Truck Camaro by Chris Highman from Olivers, California. It was recently showcased at LS Fest’s Hoonigans AutoFocus, and rightfully so, since the event is dedicated the GM’s LS crate engines. This hybrid vehicle of sorts is basically a Camaro body merged with the H1 chassis, all powered by a turbocharged LS1 V8 engine generating 650 hp running on E85. Read more for a video and additional information.

Not enough power? Highman even installed a nitrous system should you be stuck in a deep mud bog, dirt trails, or even in the middle of a desert. The most impressive part? He didn’t have a shop masterfully piece everything together, as just about every part was purchased off Craigslist and the entire project, not including the cost of labor, only set him back around $10,000.