Looking for bigger sound from your mobile phones and / or MP3 players? Then look no further than the iFrogz Boost Speaker. This nifty gadget does not require Bluetooth pairing or even any wires. Available now for just $39.99 from iFrogz. Continue reading for our full review.


Slightly larger than an 18-55 DSLR camera lens, the iFrogz Boost Speaker fits into the palm of your hand as well as any bag, with ease. In a nutshell, this gadget is essentially an amplifier with built-in speakers. Simply place a compatible device (iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.) on top, start playing music, and the NearField Audio technology automatically fills the room with sound. Like we mentioned earlier, no Bluetooth pairing or even wires are necessary, but an audio-in port is included for non-compatible audio devices. It’s powered by three AA batteries — provides up to 15-hours of continuous play time — or microUSB.


After spending a few days with the iFrogz Boost Speaker, we can honestly say that listening to music on our mobile devices without the iFrogz Boost Speaker will not be happening anytime soon. Our team highly recommends this gadget for mobile warriors and just music fans alike — 5 out of 5 stars. Product page.



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