Not all burger fans live on the west coast, so trying anything from In-N-Out can be quite the task, but for those who do, here are pictures of five secret menu items that you’ve probably heard about. Continue reading to see them all — 100 x 100 burger (bottom) and animal style fries (top) pictured above.

5. Cheese Fries

Just about every In-N-Out fan has heard about, if not tried, animal style fries (grilled onions, spread, and smothered in cheese), but did you know that the restaurant also offers just plain cheese melted over their crispy fries? If not, the image above shows exactly what you’ll get.

4. Protein Style Burger

If you’re an In-N-Out fan who is on a low carb diet, the protein style burger is just for you. Instead of the buns, your burger is wrapped in lettuce and then served piping hot, filled with all the ingredients you’ve come to love.

3. Four-By-Two, Cold

No, the “Four-By-Two, Cold” isn’t served straight from the refrigerator, but rather 3 patties x 3 slices of un-melted cheese or 2 patties x 4 slices of un-melted cheese. Let’s just say melted or un-melted, the burger above makes your mouth water.

2. The “Flying Dutchman”

Though to same the “Flying Dutchman” may look like a mess, it’s basically “a ‘sandwich’ that skips the carbs and veggies and goes straight for the meat and grease – oil drenched patties in a puddle of melted cheese.”

1. Side Salad

The “Side Salad” could quite possibly be the strangest thing on the secret menu, as it consists of only “a salad on the side: a few dinky pieces of lettuce, tomato and onions tucked into a Double-double wrapper.”

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