Named “Ninja Akasaka” and located in Tokyo, Japan, this themed restaurant – which complements the Gundam Cafe and Gundam Hotel – was established in 2001. It’s supposedly based on a narrow back story of a forbidden ninja village, with the interiors, foods and all services properly themed. Continue reading for a two-part video tour and more information.

“The ninja is mysterious,” said Ou Chia-wei, owner of the restaurant simply named Ninja, explaining why he chose that theme for the Japanese-style restaurant. “On that premise, we can do magic tricks and light up the food.” Waitresses working the barely lit dining room floor burn specialty menus, which vanish without a trace of ash, and send flames snaking across tables as customers watch.

A moat and screen of cascading water just past the front entrance make customers wait a few minutes until the drawbridge goes up, leading to a dark stairwell toward the dining hall. There are professional magic shows, as well as cabarets, for those who walk in at the right times.

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